The Back Story: Elna Baker was born in Tacoma, Washington. She moved overseas when she was nine, and grew up in Madrid, London and New York City—where she attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her parents now live in Siberia where her father runs a titanium factory. When she goes home to visit she runs down the halls of the factory and knocks things over while chanting, “it’s Daddy’s factory!” in a pretentious British accent.

Profession: When Elna used to answer the dreaded, “What do you do?” question she’d say: “actress” or “comedian.” Now she says, “writer.” In honor of this switch she purchased a bunch of button down cardigans and glasses, (see BLOG page for a visual explanation).

Her Credits: As a comedian and storyteller, Elna has performed with The Moth, on This American Life, Studio 360, Radiolab, BBC Radio 4, at the Upright Citizens Brigade, The PIT, The Magnet and at many other comedy clubs throughout New York City.

Her show IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING premiered at the NY Fringe Festival and under the direction of her mentor Elizabeth Swados, she also created MEXICAN-MORMON (La Mama Etc.) and A BOOK OF OVER-DRAMATIC CONFESSIONS.

She’s written for ELLE Magazine, GLAMOUR, Five Dials and The Onion. She also appeared in The New Yorker…or a really bad picture of her did, but hey, that counts. In 2007 and 2008 Elna was awarded residencies at Yaddo and The MacDowell Colony.

The Future: Her book The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance will be published by Penguin Oct. 15th, 2009.